About JG

On 9 March 2016, Kenneth Chin, Founder of Journal Generation, approached Sam, one of his staff, with an idea and said: “I already have at least 7 stories just in my one week here in the UK. And then there’s your story…and Lazarus story etc. I also want to encourage people to journal…to tell their story…and I hope to publish the best stories every year to encourage others. It’s all about the story…and the example and inspiration it brings to others…and to the next generation”

Sam thought about it. And nodded. And nodded. And nodded again.

With that, Journal Generation was born. A team was assigned, thoughts and planning being carried out to bring JG to the next level. That same week, there were quite a number of fresh new stories came in which urged Kenneth to push for a JG platform – where people can create an account and share their stories (privately or publicly). Miraculously, within approximately eight days of Kenneth and Sam’s conversation, Journal Generation was launched.

At Journal Generation, we believe that it’s all in the power of the story… everyone has one… everyone can touch someone… everyone can write a new one… We’re all about the story… Your story, my story, their story… His story! Dalvin Tomlinson Womens Jersey Cody Latimer Jersey