Acts 是我第二个家

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Acts 就像是我的第二个家。

我是在 2014年8月31日第一次来 Acts。我最喜欢在Acts教会所经历的归宿感。刚开始我来参与华语聚会的时候,我们还在 SS15, 3楼。那是一个蛮小的地方,我们也是那么地紧密相连。

Acts 是我第二个家,​也是我选择相信和跟随耶稣的地方。​虽然我们来自不同的背景,我们却犹如家庭一般的合一。我们彼此关怀,也一起开心打闹。

我喜欢领受神的话。身为一个年轻上班族,我们在职场上都习惯了接收很多消极负面的话和负能量。Acts 是唯一让我能重新插电,吸收正能量和正面思想的地方。

自从 2015年1月我就开始事奉了。我喜爱食物,也享受烹饪;因此心想若能在神的家里事奉,这将会是多么的开心!借此也可以使用我的手艺来荣耀神。其实事奉是蛮累的,因为我必须从芙蓉开车到梳邦,还要聚会前一个小时要到,然后聚会过后也需要至少一个小时来清洗收拾。我之前从来没有想过我可以胜任,可是日子一天天过,这就渐渐地变成了一个惯例,我也不再感到疲累了。我想这也许是因为我已经扩张了我的容量。

我学会在教会和身为一个年轻上班族的忙碌生活中找到一个平衡点。我鼓励大家在神的家里事奉, 因为事奉神是欢乐满满的,我认为这是一件从神而来的礼物。

Acts is like my second home. Although we are from different backgrounds, we are united as a family.

I came to Acts Church in August 2014. I love the sense of belonging here. At that time, the Mandarin Service was still meeting in SS15. It was a small place but we were “together”.

Acts is like my second home. This is where I got saved. And although we are from different backgrounds, we are united as a family. We care for one another and we have fun together too.

I like that we are receiving God’s Word. As a young working adult, we receive so much negativity in our marketplace. Acts is the only place where I could recharge myself with positive energy and thoughts.

I started serving in Actspresso last year. I love food and I enjoy cooking. It’s a pleasure to serve in God’s house and glorify Him with my talents. But it is quite tiring as I need to travel from Seremban to Subang. We need to arrive early to prepare and stay back to clean up. I never thought that I was capable of such a task. But I guess my capacity has been stretched.

I’ve also learned to prioritise so that I can serve as I work. I would encourage others to also serve because serving God’s house is fun, and I see it as a gift from God. Ty Sambrailo Authentic Jersey Laurent Duvernay-Tardif Jersey