God Gave Me a Job!!

In JG YWA, Provision

But I told myself, “Why should I choose to worry when I have the time to Pray?”

I have been in Acts Church for almost two years. I love Homes, the environment here, and the way people show their love for God and to others.

I’ve been fortunate that the Pastors, Elders, leaders and everyone else have been very nice to me. They’ve been leading me to grow and been a support for me through many things.

I have always desired to make an impact and be a person of influence. Although I was afraid to be on stage, I decided to participate in the Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant in 2014.

It was a step out of my comfort zone because I had stage frights. It was also a difficult experience as I was a fresh graduate in interior designing and my family was not supportive of my decision to participate in the pageant.

With no financial support, I had to settle a lot of the expenses on my own. When things seemed not to go my way, I broke down. And it was then that I accepted Christ into my life and chose to surrender everything to Him.

As soon as I put my trust in God, I felt my worries taken away. I did better than expected in the pageant. Despite not gaining any awards or titles from the pageant, I thank God that I gained Christ as my Lord and Saviour!

Soon after that, I landed my first overseas work assignment to be featured in an advertisement in Singapore with all expenses paid! God certainly knows me better than I know myself as He knows that I rarely have the opportunity to travel –  I have never even been to Singapore before!

My family was worried that my choice of work does not guarantee a stable income. But I told myself, “why should I choose to worry when I have the time to pray?”

God certainly answered my prayers with another overseas assignment – an interior design project in Vietnam.

I now have a stable job as an interior designer. God even blessed me with great colleagues and partners at work!

Although I am just an ordinary girl, I am given an extraordinary life! I have no regrets in committing my life to Jesus. Morten Andersen Authentic Jersey Buster Skrine Authentic Jersey