God Gave Us A House!

In JG Family, Provision

…It’s by divine intervention that we got this house and it’s God’s plan all along so that we can be rooted and grow in Acts Klang!

Before joining Acts Klang in April 2015, we were looking for a church to root in. After reading Pastor Kenneth’s book, I found that I liked his principles and vision. So I decided to check out Acts Church and was pleased to find there was a church plant nearby!

Since joining Acts, my wife, Carmen, and I have grown tremendously in understanding God’s Word as well as in spiritual maturity. We have also started serving in church as our mentors have taught us the importance of giving God our time and talents. Through our serving, church can run smoothly so others may be blessed!

Before this, our family have been looking to purchase a house and we started searching in PJ, and then Klang. We found one which is large enough to accommodate our family and it was about RM60,000 lower than the market price!

We quickly placed the booking fee and started applications for the bank loans. I asked the property agent for a time extension for the loan application, as I will be away for work. We shared this with our mentors and homies, requesting that they keep us in prayer.

We faced many challenges from the start. I did not have a fixed salary, so getting a home loan was tricky. When I submitted my documents, my banker said that they will only apply for one bank instead of the standard three. They also frequently asked for additional documents that I struggled to provide, as I was away for work.

The day before the payment deadline, there was still no news from the bank. I contacted the property agency to get back my deposit but was told that they will default my deposit, because I did not obtain the loan.

I spoke with the manager of the property agency and finally reached an agreement, but I was upset, dejected and thought, “Lord, not again.” The next day, however, my banker told me that my bank loan was approved! I immediately informed the property agency and all was settled after that!

We believe that it’s by divine intervention that we got this house and it’s God’s plan all along so that we can be rooted and grow in Acts Klang! All praise and glory be unto God! Jacob Larsson Jersey Genard Avery Jersey