God healed our baby!

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…I just kept rejecting what the doctor said and continued to claim that if Jesus has blessed us with this beautiful child, He will bless us with a completely healthy baby!

It seemed almost impossible that little John, the newest addition to Jeff and Karen’s family, would survive.

In her seventh month of pregnancy, Karen had gone for a routine checkup. Instead of leaving the doctor’s office after the checkup, as how she would every other time, she was admitted into the hospital for having dangerously high blood pressure.

The doctors were concerned for her and their baby’s safety and advised for an induced delivery as soon as possible. However, the baby’s slow development made it difficult for the surgery to take place immediately and Karen was given medication and hormone injections to help the baby develop vital organs to be ready for surgery.

Jeff and Karen shared their plight with their homies and leaders and had the prayer support of the church.

“We have to commit it to God. If God decided he was going to come out now, then we have to trust that he will come out safe,” Jeff says.

Two days after she was admitted into the hospital, Karen underwent surgery to deliver her baby. And to the surprise of the doctors, Karen’s blood pressure was perfect during the surgery. There was no need for more drugs and the delivery went well.

John was put under intensive care. He had to go through blood transfusion and lost a lot of weight. The doctors also suspected that he may have Hirschsprung’s disease, where he is unable to pass stool on his own due to underdeveloped intestines. This could mean a surgery was on the cards for John. But John was too young for such a surgery and would have had to wait months before the operation could take place.

Jeff and Karen were worried. But they pressed on in prayer. Karen did not even bother to look up what the disease was all about.  “I just kept rejecting what the doctor said and continue to claim that if Jesus has blessed us with this beautiful child, He will bless us with a completely healthy baby! We prayed hard for a miracle,” she declares.

They decided not to focus on the sickness but on Jesus instead.

During one Sunday service, Karen, in her tears, heard God spoke clearly to let go and let God. She immediately felt peace in her heart and was relieved.

The next day, baby John miraculously was able to pass stool on his own and did not have to undergo surgery. Even the doctors were surprised, says Karen.

Not only did God came through for them, He even provided for them. The medical cost came out a lot lower that they had anticipated and was covered for by Karen’s company. All praise to God! Tim Heed Jersey Kansas City Chiefs Womens Jersey