God Is My Provider And Sustainer

In Faith, Giving, JG YWA

It gets tougher when my car insurance is about to expired and my bank account will be negative….

I would like to share a testimony on how God had provided me in my finances. I have been working with my current bank for about a year plus. In my daily work, I need to be very careful and alert to make sure whatever I do is compliance and align with the bank negara rules and regulations and banks policy.

Last year, I made a mistake and the management decided to issue a show cause notice to me. Show cause notice is an action taken towards the employees that break the rules before issuing a warning letter. This is how serious it is. Thank God I am still able to secure my job.

I had a lot of bills to pay and every month my salary is just sufficient for me. It gets tougher when my car insurance is about to expired and my bank account will be negative. I don’t know what I can do and it really worries me.

During U-Turn fasting and prayer, God spoke to me. He assured and comforted me that He is my provider and sustainer. So I surrendered my situations and worries unto the Lord and even though I do not have enough money, I choose to honor God first and give by faith.

The bank’s financial year is in March and this is where everyone is looking forward for their promotions, bonuses and etc. Where else, I was very sad and I did not expect anything from my company due to the mistakes I’ve done.

On the payout day, I checked my account half heartedly and guess what?! I have my bonus! And it’s 2 months! God is so good!

After that, I had a one to one session with my boss. She gave me a letter that she supposed to give it to me before the bonus payout. When I opened the letter, I almost teared. I got my increment as well! Wohoo…!

Only God will able to do it. He works in ways beyond our expectations. I want to encourage all of you to continue to seek God and honor Him first in your life. In Isaiah 49:16 “Behold, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands”. God will not forget you and He will answer your prayer. All glory to God. 🙂

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