God may seem silent but He is definitely working

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The last few months at work have been a nightmare for me.

I dreaded coming to the office for fear of being berated and chided over petty things – from simple grammatical errors as a result of working long hours to not being creative with a Power Point presentation. I asked God what happened and why is my boss picking on me?

Nearly a year back, I was flying high, sealing a dream job; everything was smooth sailing.

It was a mountaintop experience. Being thankful to God was easy. Six months later, I was confirmed and things were still great… until I noticed my boss started treating me a little differently. Expectations rose tremendously and demands were sky high.

Suddenly, everything I did was wrong and all that I thought I knew were not to be.

The leading months only become worse. I put in the hours: staying back, learning, attempting, improving, giving my all. But the harder I try the more my boss was infuriated with the quality I produced.

That made me feel incompetent, unworthy, useless and unprofessional. I tried, cried, prayed and gave so much more. To an extent, it affected my social life and family. It affected my calling and responsibilities in God’s House.

The one thing I thank God for is my faith. Despite being badly beaten and bruised psychologically, I hung on to His Word and promises. Times like this, I wished Jesus would speak to me and encourage me.

But all I heard was silence.

More faith and prayer, yet silence was loudest.

I believe He truly understood and could relate to that silence when He prayed in the garden; when He hung on the cross, God said nothing. I exacted the words, “My God, why have you forsaken me?”

I had two choices: carry on being beaten down and hope I will triumph with God’s grace. Or stop this insanity and resign even though I’ve not secured another job.

I persevered with the former for a while, only to throw in the towel recently. Enough is enough.

As I did that, God opened doors to other opportunities, which are a testimony in the making!

If you are reading this and are able to relate to my story, I wish to encourage you to read His Word and claim His promises. Psalms 34:17 and 107:6,19 echo God’s assurance that He hears your cry and will deliver you, in His time. He’s not forgotten about you.

God sees. God knows. He is working. He is preparing. He is setting up a miracle in the midst of the silence. This is His trait, which is clearly seen in Exodus 2:23,24 and 3:9 for confirmation. When one cries, He doesn’t put off.

You just got to hang in there.

Watch this space for Part 2!

P.S.: I want to thank my wife, Huddle leader and team, and other people who are like angels, for hearing my stories and praying with me incessantly. I am grateful God placed these people in my life.

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