Honor & Trust God

In Faith, JG Campus

Put God as your priority. Trust in Him always for He is a God who never shortchanges His people.

I came to Malaysia to study in 2011. In my first week, my housemate introduced me to Acts Cyberjaya. She spoke highly of the people and the church and asked me to check it out. One thing I will never forget when I set foot in church was the exciting experience I had that day – the warmth, worship and Word. From then on, I knew this was the place to belong.

I signed up to serve in Actstream choir a few months later and I have never stopped serving since – from the choir to becoming a backup singer to a worship leader.

As I served, I learnt to give God my best in every area of my life and honour Him in my young days. I also learnt to be accountable, to serve others as a leader, and to live and lead by example.

I learnt to remain faithful and to trust God as life was challenging. I remember when my father’s business filed for bankruptcy in 2012. Year after year, we prayed and believed for a breakthrough.

I tried looking for part time work but being a foreign student, I could not get a job.  However, God has always provided for me. I praise Him that I did not have to drop out of school due to financial difficulties. I completed my diploma and got a full scholarship through a song competition, which funded the last semester of my diploma and two years’ degree at Limkokwing University. The scholarship covered my tuition fee. Serving did become a challenge as I had to work out transport for Actstream practice and Acts Campus events or leadership meetings. I had felt like throwing in the towel on ministry and leadership many times. It was times like this that God encouraged me through His word, sermons, good friends and leaders. I am thankful for the support of my leaders.

August 2015 finally saw my family’s financial breakthrough.

I am now a graduate and am glad to go home to my family. Through these five years, I have seen God come through for me.

Put God as your priority. Trust in Him always for He is a God who never shortchanges His people. Patrick Roy Jersey Myles Jack Womens Jersey