How I trusted God with my new job

In JG YWA, Provision

When the time comes nearer to the end of February, I did not get any call from them…

Hi Church! My name is Daniel Ng Ju Lien and I’m from KG2 Homes.

On the 18th February 2016, I went for a job interview at KidChan Studio for a fulltime job. I’m hoping to get this fulltime job but then I have to wait at least 1 week to get inform from them to know whether am I getting the job or not.

When the time comes nearer to the end of February, I did not get any call from them. In this period, I have been praying and asking God for showing me the open door. Besides, I will follow what God ask me to be at wherever He going to place me in.

During Acts Church Conference 2016, I get call from God telling me you will get a fulltime job but I been doubting where the job will it be? I been applying few different companies.

During the last day of conference, after the commissioning service end I checked my Whatsapp. Surprisingly, I got my fulltime job at KidChan Studio, this job I had been wanting it and even the salary they gave was more than I apply for.

Hopefully this would be a good start for me in this year Double Portion. Of course, all these I wanted to thank God for Him answer my prayers and not only that He gave me more blessing from what I asked for.

All glory to God, God is good. I would like to encourage those who are praying and seeking necessary helps and needs. Continue to keep the faith and pray for it and God will fulfill your needs.

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