I have found a family in London!

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What matters to God is that you have the heart and willingness to serve and to be used by Him.

A friend of my parents’ had told them about Acts London, and they wanted me to check it out.

Before I came to Acts London, I was nervous about visiting the church because I didn’t know much about it and was worried that it didn’t follow the same doctrine as my home church in Hong Kong. I was also quite worried about going to a small church because I didn’t know what to expect and wouldn’t be able to sneak out unnoticed.

However, after attending Acts for the first time, I decided that this was the church that I wanted to make my home in London. What really stood out to me was how intentional the leaders and people were with getting to know newcomers and the congregation, which is something that seemed to be missing in many of the other churches I visited. Going to the Weekend Getaway helped me settle down because it broke the ice for me.

I have learnt so much through the sermons each Sunday. Even when the sermons run a little long, I never take much notice because of how much I’m receiving. I’ve been growing in learning to praise God through the good and the bad. I’m always reminded to put God as my priority and to trust in what He has planned for me.

Towards the end of January, I started serving as one of the chairpersons, and will start serving as a host soon.

I would definitely encourage others to serve in church. It may seem daunting at first because you may not see yourself as ready. It doesn’t matter. What matters to God is that you have the heart and willingness to serve and to be used by Him. One of my least favourite things is public speaking because I’m scared of messing up. I usually get really nervous before speaking in front of people. However, every time I serve as a chairperson, I’ve felt overwhelming peace. Even though I’ve made mistakes here and there, I come out of the service feeling happy that I was able to do my part.

I am so glad that I chose to settle down at Acts because even though I’m still getting to know people better, I feel like I’ve found family. Tom Kuhnhackl Womens Jersey Isaiah Crowell Jersey