My New Found Joy!

In Giving, JG Campus

I have this newfound joy in the lord, and I’m assured that Jesus will be with me through all my circumstances…

I’ve been attending Acts since September 2013.

I love the people­ culture in Acts – how everyone is important in the eyes of God and how everyone tries to make each other feel welcomed in the house of God. This drives me to also want to welcome people and make them feel accepted, be it in church or in campus.

In 2015, during one of our discussion in Homes, where we talked about using our gifts for God instead of keeping it to ourselves, I felt led to use my talents to serve God’s house.

I started serving in Actstream in June 2015. It was a challenge at first, trying to make time for practice and also finding time to study. I live in Serdang, and sometimes it gets really tiring to travel to DVCC for practices, especially when I have tests the next day.

There were many times when I got caught up with the stress. But I’ve always believed that as long as Jesus is number one in my life, everything else will fall into place. He gives me renewed strength to carry on.

I remember when I signed up for Missions 2015 to Bentong by faith, even though the trip was right smack in the middle of my exam period.

Lo and behold, the exams were somehow brought forward! My last paper ended at 9am on Friday morning. My team was leaving for Bentong at 10am that day. It was truly amazing! A friend even said, ‘Your God must really want you there as He shifted the whole test period just so you can go’.

It’s clear that nothing is impossible with God. All you have to do is completely surrender everything to Christ, having faith that His ways are always the best for us.

In serving, I definitely have a stronger love for the Lord. I have this new found joy in the Lord, and I’m assured that Jesus will be with me through all my circumstances, as long as He is the King of my life. I have a closer relationship with God, leaning on Him for strength and wisdom even as I serve.

I feel that when I serve, it is a testimony to everyone that anyone can serve no matter how hectic or busy life may get. Stacy McGee Authentic Jersey Alexander Mogilny Jersey