His = my heart for the refugees!

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It’s barely a glimpse of the so much more that He can possibly do if i remain sensitive and obedient to His calling…

Heidy had four months to kill right after high school. And not like most teenagers, she decided to spend that time volunteering as an English teacher at a refugee school in Sg Besi.

But when she found out the school would be closed after her four months were up due to lack of funds, she decided to do more.

Heidy and a friend, Andrea, raised funds through the Refuge For The Refugees (RFTR) project.

They did almost everything – bake sales, wash cars, sweep floors, vacuum houses and mow lawns. And when they shared their story on social media, funds poured in. And there was enough to keep the school going.

Heidy soon realised that this was just one out of the 186 registered refugee schools in the Klang Valley that needed help. As Heidy learned more about the plight of refugees in Malaysia, her dreams grew.

They decided to register RFTR as a non­profit organisation to further support the dreams that God has given them.

God’s favour upon RFTR was evident from the start. While the application process was tedious, they were assigned an officer who went out of her way to help them. After the registration was successful, Heidy called the officer to thank her, only to find out that no such person was working at the office.

“It then dawned on me that His favour upon RFTR is incredibly evident and it was indeed an angel in disguise that was helping us through the entire application process,” Heidy says.

God has since opened many doors for Heidy through RFTR. She was approached for her first speaking engagement in 2013 and has been invited to share her story at many other seminars and events to inspire others to be a change in their community.

It has been three years since RFTR was launched. The journey has been no short of challenges. They are young and inexperienced and funding for the NGO was always a concern. But Heidy has continued to see God’s goodness throughout RFTR’s journey.

Never would I have imagined RFTR being where we are today, says Heidy. While much has happened, Gad has constantly reminded her that this is only the beginning.

“It’s barely a glimpse of the so much more that He can possibly do if I remained sensitive and obedient to His calling,” she says.

Heidy is glad that she has remained faithful to her calling to make a difference in the refugee community or she would not have had the opportunity to experience Him in such powerful and significant ways. Anthony Walker Womens Jersey Sven Andrighetto Authentic Jersey