The kids are going to Aquaria KLCC!

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I serve in the Myanmar Refugee Outreach program of Acts Church.

For more than three years now, the children in the school we help out in (called CCEC) have never been on an outing due to problems in funding, transportation and safety. It’s risky for refugees to travel around in Malaysia as they are often apprehended by law enforcement officers despite having proper documentation.

Planning an outing for the kids was going to be difficult.

But I believed that they truly deserve better and that God would provide a way if we were willing to take up the challenge.

So we got on to planning an outing for the kids and decided that it was going to be a trip to Aquaria KLCC. They’ve never been to an oceanarium before! It would be an awesome treat for them since the admission fee for foreigners is expensive and their parents wouldn’t have been able to afford the tickets themselves.

I was given the task to look for sponsors.

I had hopes of approaching my company to turn the trip into their CSR initiative. Cautiously, I went to my boss whom I thought was going to be open to the idea. Turns out, he didn’t think it would be appropriate for the company.

It was certainly not the outcome I had hoped for!

Then one month ago, at one of my company’s badminton sessions, I shared my experience in CCEC with a top management personnel of my company and told him about the proposed outing. Surprisingly, he said he knew the owner of Aquaria KLCC and was willing to help procure preferential rates for us!

Excited with the good news, I followed up with him twice to see if he had favorable news from his contact.

When I followed up with him the second time, he admitted that he didn’t know the person too well. Thankfully, it didn’t end there…

He volunteered to personally sponsor the admission fees for the kids instead!

We now have the financial resources to bring the kids out on a fun, educational trip, and a chance to open up their eyes to marine life (and bring a whole new meaning to the story of Jonah and the whale!).

Because I took the step to share my experience in CCEC with someone, the kids will now have an amazing time in Aquaria KLCC!

Even though my original plan didn’t work out, God came through for us in the end! Marcedes Lewis Jersey Michael Lorenzen Womens Jersey