Trusting God with our Baby

In Faith, JG Family

..We can only trust God. And trusting Him is also to trust Him in the outcome. It’s not about getting what you want. If God wants to give, He will.

Pastor Andy and Jay’s bundle of miracle arrived on 30 December 2015. And baby Zyon’s arrival has been a long time coming.

Two years after Pastor Andy and Jay got married in 2007, they had started trying for a baby. And every year, during Acts Church U­Turn prayer and fast period, Jay recalls praying for a child. Such was their desire to have a baby.

Each year came and went. And as they watched other families being blessed with children, they could only continue to pray and believe.

Then in 2012, Jay discovered with much joy that she was pregnant. But that joy was short­lived. Eight weeks into the pregnancy, she suffered a miscarriage.

They were devastated. There were plenty of questions on their minds and not a single answer. And while it seemed easy to blame God for what happened, Pastor Andy and Jay were reminded that God is still good.

They continued to hope and try for a baby over the next few years. It was a period of hoping and waiting in the wilderness. If she did not get pregnant by the time she was 35, Jay laughs and shares that she would’ve given up and gotten a dog instead.

They also decided to consult a doctor and discovered that they both had several natural complications that made it difficult for them to get pregnant. They tried two cycles of hormone injections but it did not work and they decided to fully surrender their circumstance to God.

Nature seemed to be against them. But our God works in the supernatural.


“We can only trust God. And trusting Him is also to trust Him in the outcome. It’s not about getting what you want. If God wants to give, He will. We tried man’s way, now we’re trying God’s way,” says Pastor Andy.

In 2015, the year Jay was to turn 35, Pastor Andy and Jay finally conceived again. While Jay was excited, Pastor Andy admits that he was nervous and fearful given their history. And if he could help it, there would have been no announcement of their pregnancy until it was time to deliver.

“But I had to check my spirit. Am I operating in fear or faith. Announcing that we were pregnant is a faith step. We decided to trust God that this time round, the pregnancy will come to full term,” he says.

The pregnancy went on smoothly. But on the day of the delivery, there were complications which required them to opt for an emergency section. Praise God that baby Zyon was delivered safe and healthy.


“Today, we have a son,” Jay smiles.
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