When my flat tyre made my mechanic’s jaw drop

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A million things could have happened, but it didn’t…

A few months ago, I was speeding along the MEX highway after a late dinner with Elder Adeline.

Suddenly there was a huge POP,  followed by a soft continuous ‘perp perp perp perp’ sound. Crud! Flat tyre! I put my hazards on and carefully cut across four lanes to the emergency lane. Yup, back right tyre was totally flat.

There were no buildings in sight. It was just a long stretch of highway with cars zooming past at speeds high enough to make my car rock slightly as they zipped past. By some weird freak coincidence my phone was barred (long story) so I couldn’t contact anyone, except the police! [PSA: you can always call 999 or 911 even when your phone is barred or if you have no credits]. They were incredibly helpful, helped me call my husband and the MEX highway ronda people, and within an hour I was home.

Here’s where it gets interesting. 

There was a bunch of people at my house playing Zombicide. They were curious about my little adventure, so they all trooped outside to check out the damaged tyre.

When they saw the tyre all their jaws dropped. And similarly when Daniel brought it to the tyre shop the next day their jaws dropped too. The tyre guys said they had never seen such a thing in their lives.

Not only was there a big hole in the tyre – there was also a big hole in the rim, meaning that whatever pierced the tyre also pierced the rim. And these Volvo rims are no joke you know. They deduced that I had likely run into a metal rod of some kind at top speed.

If the rod had pierced the front tyre instead of the back one, I would have veered out of control completely. It could have gotten stuck in the axles and locked up the steering. Could have a million things, but it didn’t.

When I shared this with Elder Adeline, she said that as I was leaving her after dinner, she had felt a strong prompting to pray for my protection. And she did.

And our God, this Jesus that I believe in with all my heart, heard.

So I live to tell another story. Shaquil Barrett Authentic Jersey Kyle Emanuel Authentic Jersey

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